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Physical Education Department

Effective Physical Education classes help the child to develop skill and confidence, maintaining physical fitness, learn about personal health and wellness and demonstrate positive social skill.

A balanced Physical Education programme provides each student with an opportunity to develop into a physically-educated person; one who learns skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, is physically fit, participates regularly in physical activity, knows the benefits from involvement in physical activity and it’s contributions to a healthy lifestyle.  

For all students to become physically educated, instruction is designed for all students with special consideration for students who need help the most, less skilled students and students with disabilities.  Students who are skilled and blessed with innate ability have many opportunities to learn.  All students must feel successful if they are expected to enjoy and value physical activity.  Activity is the basis of the programme and offers opportunities for repetition and refinement of physical skills.  Activities are success oriented so students are motivated to continue.

 Physical Education prepares students to participate in activities they can perform when they are adults.  The physical education programme will be of little value to the majority of adults if it is restricted to team sports.  Participation in sport activities declines rapidly with age. 

The assessment practices must support and guide the instruction of physical education and the learning of each student.  The process of gathering evidence to make inferences about student learning, communicates to students and all those concerned about their learning in physical education how students are progressing toward certain goals.  The evidence gathered needs to be consistent with goals and will guide teaching as well as document student learning.  

The 1999 Legislature approved Physical Education to be part of the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM).  The State Board of Education adopted revised Physical Education Common Curriculum Goals and Content Standards in September 2001.  Tenth grade students who earn a CIM must demonstrate proficiency in physical education starting in 2003-2004.  Standards are measurable so both teacher and students know when progress has been made.  The legislation calls for the assessment and performance standards to be determined by school.

 The resources gathered here are to help educators build an environment where:

Students can learn physical skills without barriers Students are engaged in active learning with teaching that builds upon past experiences and previous knowledge Skills and activities match student’s physical and emotional development.

In Physical Education programme/courses students develop their motor skills necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities. In physical education program students demonstrate the ability and enthusiasm to pass on to other in the community the knowledge, skill and techniques that have been learned.

Programme Outcomes

Students will be able to

1.         Demonstrate their understanding of how individuals learn and develop to provide opportunities that support their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

2.         Describe and apply:

·         Physiological and biomechanical concepts related to skilful movement, physical activity and fitness.

·         Motor learning and psychological/behavioural theory related to skillful movement, physical activity and fitness.

·         Motor development theory and principles related to skillful movement, physical active activity and fitness.

3.         Students can identify historical, philosophical and social perspectives of physical education issues and legislation.

4.         Analyse and correct critical elements of motor skills and performance concepts.

5.         Given their own abilities, demonstrate personal competence in motor skill performance for a variety of physical activities and movement patterns.

6.         Achieve and maintain a health enhance level of fitness throughout the programme.

7.         Given their own abilities, demonstrate performance concepts related to skillful movement in a variety of physical activities.

8.         Design and implement

·         Short and long term plans that are linked to program and instructional goals  as well as a variety of student needs.

·         Appropriate (i.e) measurable, developmentally appropriate, performance based goals and objectives aligned with local, state and national standards.

·         Content that is aligned with lesson objectives.

9.         Plan for and manage resources to provide active, fair and equitable learning experience.

10.       Plan and adapt instruction for diverse students needs, adding specific accommodations and/or modifications for student’s exceptionalities.

11.       Plan and implement progressive and sequential instruction that addresses the diverse needs of all students.

12.       Demonstrate knowledge of current technology by planning and implementing learning experience that require students to appropriate use technology to meet lesson objectives.

13.       Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills across a variety of instructional formats.

14.       Implement effective demonstrations, explanations, and instructional cues and prompts to link physical activity concepts to appropriate learning experiences.

15.       Provide effective instructional feedback for skill acquisition, student learning and motivation.

16.       Recognize the clanging dynamics of the environment and adjust instructional tasks based on student’s responses.

17.       Use managerial rules, routines and transitions to create and maintain a safe and effective learning environment.

Students trying to:

Implement strategies to help students demonstrates responsible personal and social behaviours in a productive learning environment

·         Select or create appropriate assessments that will measure student achievement of goals and objectives.

·         Use appropriate assessments to evaluate student learning before, during and after instruction.

·         Use the reflective cycle to implement in teacher performance, student learning and instructional goals and decisions.

·         Use the knowledge related to first aid and CPR to respond appropriately to emergency situations in a school environment.

·         Know a board range of literacy techniques and strategies for every aspect of communication develop each student ability to read, write, speak and listen to his or her potential within the demands of the discipline.

·         Model effective reading, writing, speaking and listening skills during both direct and indirect instructional activities.

·         Demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with the belief that all students can become physically educated individuals.

·         Participate in activities that enhance collaboration and lead to professional growth and development.

·         Demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with the professional ethics of highly qualified teachers.

·         Communicate in ways that convey respect and sensitivity.

Specific outcomes:

·         All Round Development

·         Skill Development

·         Personality Development

·         Social Adjustment

·         Leadership

Aim and Objective of Physical Education:-

·         Appreciate and understand the value of physical education and its relationship to a healthy, active life style.

·         In physical education program students work to their optimal label of physical fitness.

·         In physical education program/courses students develop their motor skills necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities.

·         In physical education program students demonstrate the ability and enthusiasm to pass on to other in the community the knowledge, skill and techniques that have been learned.

·         At the end of course students should be able to work cooperatively

o   Respect themselves and their social and physical environment.

o   Support and encourage others.

o   Develop altitudes and strengthen


Career in Physical Education can leaved to a wide range of carrier options from being a part of the chooses  sports, health clubs, sports good manufactures, sports journalism, trainer and many other similar options.

·         In Physical Education there are both undergraduate and postgraduate colleges offered.

·         For admission to Bachelor’s course the students can pursue the B.PEd programme, the eligibility for which is completion of 10+2.

·         For admission to Master’s course the students can take admission to the M.P.Ed course, the eligibility for which is completion of graduation with Physical education.

·         Physical education is offered as a discipline in many colleges and universities and the subjects comprise both of theoretical and practical aspects.

Course code

Tital of course

Course outcomes


Compulsory course Hindi

Hindi is an ancient language that has not only had tremendous impact on world history, but continues to have tremendous impact on the world today.




Human Anatomy and Physiology

·         Recognize the anatomical structures and explain the Physiological functions of body systems.

·         Use Anatomical knowledge to predict Physiological consequences.

·         Demonstrate Laboratory procedures used to examine anatomical structures and evaluate Physiological functions of each organ system.

·         Approach and examine issues related to anatomy and Physiology.




History/Introduction and Principle/Foundation of Physical Education

·         Student will develop a number of domains Physical, lifestyle, affective, social and cognitive.

·         Students will contributions to the development skills and Physical competences.



Philosophy and Administration of Recreation

·         Student will demonstrate knowledge in the Philosophy and Administration of Recreation.

·         Students recognize the importance of different recreational activities for all age groups.


Compulsory Course English

·         Students will demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

·         Student will use the reflective cycle to implement change in teacher performance.



Health Education and Nutrition/Environmental studies

·         Students will know about the benefits of good health habits and to educate people about health.

·         Students will gain the knowledge of health care and prevention.

·         In Professional life they can teach health regarding benefits to others and doing duties as a Physiotherapist.


Exercise Physiology

·         Demonstrate knowledge in the exercise sciences including anatomy and Physiology Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology and biomechanics, motor learning and nutrition.

·         Students will demonstrate knowledge and clinical proficiency in the following content areas for both apparently healthy and chronic disease. 

·         Students will participate in activity to promote life-long learning and Professional development.


Environmental science

·         The Environmental Studies major prepares students for careers as leaders in understanding and addressing complex environmental issues from a problem-oriented, interdisciplinary perspective.

·         Master core concepts and methods from ecological and physical sciences and their application in environmental problem solving.

·         Master core concepts and methods from economic, political, and social analysis as they pertain to the design and evaluation of environmental policies and institutions.

·         Appreciate the ethical, cross-cultural, and historical context of environmental issues and the links between human and natural systems.



Fundamentals of Bio- Mechanics in Sports

·         The students will demonstrate the knowledge of movements.

·         Student will understand the knowledge of balance, force, velocity, acieration and lever in human body.



Educational Technology and Methods in Physical Education

·         Students know a broad range of different method and techniques and strategies.

·         Students participate and load to professional growth and development.



Yoga Education

·         Student planes to continue with skills that they have learned in their daily life.

·         Students performing asana and pranayama in a safe and comfortable Environment.


Remedial and Massage

·         The student will critically evaluate the types of therapeutic modalities that are related to Remedial and Massage.

·         The student will develop research questions related to issues of Massage and Rehabilitation



Organization and Administration of Physical Education

·         Students will learn how they can organize tournaments.

·         Students will know the administration of different programmes and learn to develop leadership qualities.



Fundamentals of Sports Training

·         Students will be prepared for training.

·         Students will participate in different training programmes.



Officiating and Coaching

·         The syllabus of this course is specially designed for the students to explore their personality, their confidence and knowledge in their field.

·         This course includes different games, rules and regulations which makes to students able to hardly different events easily.

·         They whole perform their duty in different levels like district, state, national and international level.




·         The student will critically evaluate forms of information related to kinesiology health and Physical Education.

·         The student will develop research questions related to issues in kinesiology health and Physical Education



Sports Sociology

Sociology of sports also referred to as sports sociology, is the study of the relationship between sports and society. It examines how culture and values influence sports, how sports influences culture and values, and the relationship between sports and media, politics, economics, religion, race, gender, youth, etc. It also looks at the relationship between sports and social inequality and social mobility.


Common Sports Injuries Prevention and Cure

Sports injuries are an unfortunate and prevalent side effect to engaging in athletic competitions. If not treated properly, injuries suffered while playing a sport could not only hinder your ability to compete but could also have devastating long and short term effects on your body. Small, seemingly insignificant injuries could snowball into injuries that could end ones athletics career early. Many sports have injuries at are very specific to that sport or occur in only a few sports. Younger athletes should be educated and protected from the degradation of specific body areas due to stresses of sports injuries.



Fundamentals of Computer Application in Physical Education

·         Design and develop applications to analyze and solve all computer science related problems.

·         Solve and work with a professional context pertaining to ethics, social, cultural and cyber regulations.



Sports Psychology

·         Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of how individuals learn develop to provide opportunities that support their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

·         Use appropriate assessments to evaluate students learning before during and after instruction



Test Measurement and Evaluation

·         Students design and implement different measures of test and measurement.

·         Students use different test of sports for the purpose of research methodology.


Olympic Movement

The prestigious Olympic Games represent unity, pride, elite athleticism and peace around the globe. They bring together the world’s leading athletes and hundreds of millions of spectators watch in awe as they represent their home countries and complete for the ultimate for the for the ultimate glory of bringing home a medal. Much more then a series of sports competition, the Olympic Games are ahighly-anticipated global event that thousands of experts and gerenlists scrutinize and analyse as they take place.


Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Sports medicine, also known as sport and exercise medicine, is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. Physiotherapy is a primary care specialty in western medicine that, by using mechanical force and movements [Bio-mechanics or kinesiology], manual therapy, exercise therapy, electrotherapy and various physical therapies that practice evidence based treatments, remediates. Rehabilitation therapy to return injured workers to an appropriate level of work activity.


Research in Physical Education

It helps for students for their further studies like M Phil. P HD. And they can research according to their interest and find better way for any problem they face in their life or in their concerned field. In statistics we know how to use different tools according to our problems which helps us to find correct or similar results of that concerned problems. 








·         Athletic training students will model appropriate professional and ethical practices during classroom and clinical experiences to ensure the quality of their patient care.

·         Athletic training students will be prepared to work within a variety of diverse settings through their professional preparation in local high schools, colleges, physical therapy clinics, physician's offices, and hospitals.

·         Athletic training students will develop a sense of professional volunteerism to promote the field of athletic training and to provide athletic training services both on campus and within the larger community through involvement in the Spartan Athletic Training Student Organization.




Skilful and creative mastery of the body in a gymnastic context enhanced knowledge and understanding of gymnastics as an aesthetic experience enriched personal and social development through interaction with others in a variety of

structured contexts.








Game theory outcome is a situation which results from a combination of player's strategies. Every combination of strategies (one for each player) is an outcome of the game. A primary purpose of game theory is to determine which outcomes are stable according to a solution concept

In a game where chance or a random event is involved, the outcome is not known from only the set of strategies, but is only realized when the random event(s) are realized.





General lessons

Ability to use multiple forms of authentic and traditional assessment to determine achievement, provides feedback to students, guide instruction, and analyze the appropriateness of various pedagogies.

·         Facility with current technologies to enhance learning.

·         Ability and inclination to advocate for physical activity both in school and the larger community.

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